The Cry of the Unskilled

by yayayanonono

Why can’t I draw? Why god? Why?  Yesterday I saw an elderly lady getting off the bus and she was wearing…a wool cape with baseball jacket sleeves? I will do my best to describe it and if anyone out there in the universe can make a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of this garment it would be much appreciated.

Okay, so the body of the coat was a pink and grey ghost-plaid blanket-weight wool. It had no collar or buttons. And it had pink satin 3/4 length ribbed-cuff raglan sleeves. It seriously looked like she cut the sleeves off her Pink-Ladies jacket and sewed them onto her cape.

Why does the universe tease me with these amazing garments? As the bus pulled away from the curb I pressed my face against the glass trying to burn that jacket into my memory.