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Fantasy Baseball Uniform

Now this is something. The description takes it to a whole other level: Metallic wrap skirt of eel leather dyed pink, exterior painted metallic gold. Pale pink chiffon slip included.

Yes please. This would really complete my fantasy baseball cape from yesterday.

from Maryam Nassir Zadeh


The Cry of the Unskilled

Why can’t I draw? Why god? Why?  Yesterday I saw an elderly lady getting off the bus and she was wearing…a wool cape with baseball jacket sleeves? I will do my best to describe it and if anyone out there in the universe can make a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of this garment it would be much appreciated.

Okay, so the body of the coat was a pink and grey ghost-plaid blanket-weight wool. It had no collar or buttons. And it had pink satin 3/4 length ribbed-cuff raglan sleeves. It seriously looked like she cut the sleeves off her Pink-Ladies jacket and sewed them onto her cape.

Why does the universe tease me with these amazing garments? As the bus pulled away from the curb I pressed my face against the glass trying to burn that jacket into my memory.

More is More

I was looking at pictures of the various shindigs surrounding last night’s big event and all I can say is, why not more of this? This is amazing. Joan Collins could eat Angelina Jolie’s leg and Rooney Mara’s bangs for breakfast.

photo from Vanity Fair

Do you partake of the modern freedoms?

Couldn’t help but think of Mrs. Samsky from A Serious Man when I watched the Prada show. She owns orange in that movie.

Yukon Delta dress

I love this image. You must click here to see the cut and pasted version on Pruned. I think it would make amazing fabric. Someone handy with digital printing should collaborate with Pruned and make this happen! Then make me a dress! Or curtains! But not a scarf. I’m sick of scarves!

image courtesy of NASA via Pruned



Julian Bialowas via Quiet is the new loud

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

All of the awesome things I got on my birthday this weekend:


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